OBAN Partners


Shimada Golf’s legacy dates back to 1930, as the first Company to manufacture steel shafts in Japan. A pioneering spirit, passion for precision, and singular focus on irons is consistent with OBAN’s philosophy and brand strategy. The OBAN CT-Series tour-inspired iron shaft design is crafted by Shimada Golf using the purest, most technically advanced Japanese steel — resulting in extraordinary feel and performance.


Unified by a commitment to create the best performing golf clubs in the world, OBAN and Olympic CO LTD share the distinctive ability to deliver high performance shafts with an optimal balance of material strength and elasticity. Made in Japan, OBAN’s tour-designed AirBurst shafts represent a complex fusion of Olympic’s superior Japanese engineering, ultra-thin ply fabrication techniques and exotic Torayca™ carbon fiber.


TORAYCA® is the global leading brand of high performance carbon fiber supplied by Toray Industries, Inc. OBAN’s AirBurst shafts are crafted using TORAYCA® ultra-thin, ultra-high modulus material.


Established in 1899, Tokyo-based Katani CO LTD’s unique, world-class foil application technologies enable unrivaled design elegance. OBAN adorns the ultra-premium AirBurst shafts with a Katani foil stamp. The CT-Series Steel shaft labels combine Katani’s brilliant holographic foil substrate and silk screen printing for a stunning look and tactile feel.